Princess Leia vs. Ace Ventura


I wonder about a lot of things. Like today for example, I thought: Why do bathroom stall doors push open as opposed to pull open? Honestly, how  is anyone besides a smurf and Warwick Davis supposed to get out? I also wondered who would win in a fight, Ace Ventura or Princess Leia? Yep, these are the kinda things I think about. I’m a weird guy. Well, lucky for me the latter has actually presented itself. In a short, but funny youtube video, user OneMinuteGalactica brings to our awareness another lesser known,  but just as important battle on Endor. One involving a man and his monkey vs. a woman and her monkey.

Is Star Wars and Ace Venture good thinking? Well, that’s for you to decides. Regardless, I think we can all agree that “3 darts is too much”.

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