A True Blood Movie… Fan “bloody” tastic

True Blood

So after two great seasons (and one okay season), HBO is looking to take it’s fangtastic show True Blood to the big screen.  After what most likely will be two more blood filled, barely clothed seasons, the show will most likely make the jump onto the big screen.  With Anna Paquin being no stranger to the big screen, and the show’s creator Alan Ball in the works to direct it seems like a winning combination. But it does make one wonder if this is really such a good idea.  Yeah, Sex and the City did, it but is that really a category that True Blood wants to get pulled into?  This seems to be a trend ever since Sex and the City had so much success because there are also rumors floating around about an Entourage movie as well.  So do you guys think that True Blood will transfer well onto the big screen or be a huge bloody flop?


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