The Greatest Drunks in Science Fiction


As the great man Homer Simpson once said, “Here’s to alcohol! The cause, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”

Despite all the scientific advances in science fiction, there are a few things that the human race wants/needs that will always stay the same – Power, Sex, and Alcohol.

The website iO9 has posted up a video compilation of the greatest drunks in all of science fiction, and some of their choices are rather interesting. While I do not agree with them all, there is no way that you can watch this video and not have a smile of your face because of the drunken antics displayed.

Can you name all the television shows and movies in the video below? Bonus points if you can name the episodes of the television series.

Sit back, pour yourself some synthehol (or the real stuff, if your teleporter is on the fritz), and watch the video below.


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