Guess Who Mondays!! The “Forest” Gump


(‘Guess Who Monday’ is a weekly feature here at nerdbastards, where we challenge you to take a look at the lastest, grown up, former child star and see if you can guess who they use to be. )

Guess who this weird looking schmo was? A big part of your childhood that’s who? I mean, I liked him better as a kid, but here’s a hint; he’s  Swiss…Of COURSE he’s weird looking!!! LOL. OK, here’s a real hint. He totally pranced in a forest with Tom Cruise. That’s all you get. Now, how do I always end these little queries of mine? With the obvious question; Who WAS he?


It’s the OG (Original Gangsta),  Gump, from the 1985 horrifying, yet lovely fairytale, Legend. Born David Bennent in Switzerland in 1966, David, at the age of 11, portrayed Oskar Matzerath in the Oscar winning film The Tin Drum. But Since Legend hasn’t done much film and stuck mostly to theater…Isn’t that always the way? (Movie quote). But here is my conundrum. As the role of the Gump in Legend, David appeared to look like a 12 year old boy in the film, but if he was born in 1966 and Legend was made in 1985, that means that he was 19-20 years old!!! Of course, little known fact, David Bennent is 5’1″! So naturally playing an Elf would be the majority of work a man of his…Stature? Would probably get. Look at him! He is a goddamn Elf!!!

David, We speak your name…

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