It Lives! Frankenweenie 3D Has a Cast.

frankenweenie_cast(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

It’s only fitting that with the recent resurgence of Zombies in mainstream media that a film be catered for children. Who better to this then Tim Burton with a remake of a short film, his first film, he’d ever done. Frankenweenie is the tale of a boy that gives his dog ‘Sparky’ another life and the consequences that came with it. A direct parody, and homage, to the original 1931 Frankenstein. This film can be viewed, in it’s entirety, after the jump.

Now just who in the world would take part in Tim’s latest stop-motion feature. Well, if you don’t know who these people are by now your either too young or too far gone. Thanks to Deadline, it’s been revealed that Winona Ryder and Martin Landau will star as Elsa and Mr. Rzykruski. While Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara will provide voices for 5 supporting roles including Victor’s mom and dad. It’s really going to be great to hear what kinds of voices will be used to bring each stop-motion characters to life. Stop-motion you say? Yes, this will be another stop-motion picture from Burton but this isn’t going to be the only change from the original.
Thanks to Burton and screenwriter John August (Big Fish, Corpse Bride) have changed things up for this version. As Elsa and Mr. Rzykruski are brand new characters to the story, it’s obvious there’s going to a romantice angle for Victor (Originally played by Barret Oliver).
Since everyone has worked with Tim at some point in the past, he’s made it clear he likes working with the same actors, this might just get a squeeze of Johnny Depp and his wife Helena Bonham Carter. It’d be a bigger shock if this film doesn’t have his two stand-outs taking part.
Frankenweenie 3D is set to be released on March 9, 2012.
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