Keanu Reeves Really Wants Bill and Ted 3

wyld-stallyns(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Woah, get your time traveling phone booth all warmed up because Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston might be making a comback. Thanks to Ted, Keanu Reeves himself, he revealed during the Oscars and recently, further commented to EMPIRE there is a possibility that a third Bill and Ted film could be on it’s way. When asked if he was just screwing around and being funny, he said he was serious! If your one of these “Oh like that’ll happen” kinds of people then get a load of this for yourself.

“I’m still friends with Alex [Winter, aka Bill], and we’re talking to Chris and Ed [Matheson and Solomon, the original writers] to see if they can write something. I’d love to play the role and work with them again. We’ll see what they do…”

Did you read that right or am I going crazy? Reeves wants to be Ted again after 18 years from the role. It’ll be weird to see two men, both nearing their fifty’s playing characters that jump started their careers (well for one anyway). Still, Keanu would be great to see heading into a comedic role again. If this movie happens you can bet people will be there to see what time has done two these Wyld Stallyns.

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