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Every captain meets their maker sooner or later, the red shirts just get it quicker. Thanks to the latest urn from Eternal Image every Trekker can go out with a warp speed bang. Sure, everyone will be sad your gone but hey, Gene Roddenberry would sure be jealous. This captures every nerdy little ash left and say’s “suck on this tractor beam”.

The newest Star Trek Urn (seen here) is officially licensed and available in two models: one that say “To Boldly Go” and the other saying “The Voyage Continues”. Each Urn has the capacity of 190 cubic inches (or just over 3 liters of your ashes) so start picking what you want it in there now. The body is constructed from natural materials and each faceplate is etched from stainless steel. The picture of the Enterprise and the cut out Delta symbol is just the hot fudge sundae on top.

It’s not like your gonna break the bank with this final frontier, coming in at only 800 bucks it’s a steal. It’s just logical that no self-respecting Trekkie is gonna be buried underground, they wanna be on display beside their replica phaser. Being this is the third, that’s right third, Urn made by Eternal Image they must be doing something right.

Via: Gizmodo

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