King of Kong Reclaims Title

wiebe_kongThe tug-of-war struggle between Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell for the Donkey Kong high score world record has gone back toward Wiebe, who scored 1,064,500 points. Wiebe, who held the record in 2007 recorded his game on Aug. 30 and submitted it to Twin Galaxies, which verified the score on Monday.

The battle between Wiebe and Billy Mitchell (also the holder of the Pac-Man record and the record for coolest patriotic neckties) was featured in the excellent documentary, The King of Kong.

Having played Donkey Kong a bit back in my youth, I can say that getting scores like Wiebe’s isn’t just a case of some random dudes putzing around on an old arcade game in a 7-Eleven. That shit is hard-core. You could go back in a time machine to 1981 when the game originally came out, and played from then until now, and there’s a very good chance you still couldn’t beat that score.

donkey_kongThe funny part is that when Mitchell set the score Wiebe just beat, he actually could’ve kept playing, but he decided that he had beat Wiebe’s old score, and that was good enough. Mitchell is cool like that. There’s every likelihood that Billy Mitchell will try to take another shot at the record, so we haven’t heard the end of this story just yet.

(via SlashFilm)

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