Vagina Bubbles From Hell Jutsu… Believe It!


Sorry for the old Naruto joke as I couldn’t help myself and plus, I’m sure most of y’all probably won’t get it. Anyway, from the collection of the “erotic story series,” Kunoichi Ninpo-cho, we get possibly one of the greatest ninja art ever recorded. From Kunoichi Ninpo-cho 3, we get the deadly art, Vagina Bubbles From Hell!

Yes folks it’s as deadly as it sounds, as you see in the clip that no one can get away or stop the ninja art once it has been activated. Apparently this isn’t the first time that the series had some bubbles from vagina action as the first one had it as well. Though, that move had the enemy stuck in a giant bubble and have them act like a baby in a womb (Yeah… can’t make this $h!t up).

Also, before anyone asks, yes they are having sex at the beginning of a clip, but more like an illusion jutsu type of sex since porn is censored over there in the land of rising sun. Watch the clip below and also, click after the jump to check out the other clip from the first Kunoichi Ninpo-cho

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