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Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier are not just in the film industry anyone, their now part of the Sirius/XM satellite family. That’s right, it looks like Silent Bob and friends have signed a deal that’s gonna net them more than $15 little man (put that shit in my hand).

On the Opie & Anthony show, Kevin announced that ‘SModcast’, Kevin’s weekly podcast, will be coming to Sirius/XM family. Comprised of a mix of classic podcasts and new monthly material, that can only be heard on satellite. Smith and Mosier will also be broadcasting uncut episodes from Smodcast to be accessed on the go from The Virus, channel 202 on XM and 197 on Sirius.

As a special present for those who will be listening, this saturday, at 1:00 PM ET, Kevin and Scott will debut a brand new, never-before heard episode. Followed up on sunday from 7:00 AM to midnight ET, on both channels, it’ll be 17 straight hours of SModcast! Uncut and nitty gritty. Stay tuned every week at 1:00 PM every week for new and classic SModcasts, along with other brodcasts set to be announced.

Check out the press release for yourself and don’t you worry, those who subscribe to the SModcast on itunes will still get free weekly episodes. Just don’t forget to listen to the nerdbastard cast while your online too.

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