LOST’s Hurley Sings Onstage with Weezer


Weezer’s recently released 8th album, entitled ‘Hurly‘ has ‘LOST’ fan favorite Jorge Garica plastered on the cover (above). Oddly the the songs written for the album were not inspired by the show LOST, just the title and album cover. And, while that’s funny and certainly a nerdy marketing ploy I’ve heard that album makes you want to hurl (see what I did there? Successful play on words. Yes, no?) Anyway, that news is old. What is cool, is that at Weezer’s recent, secret  Hollywood show (I believe it was on 21st) Jorge Garcia made a surprise entrance and sang along to the tune “Lost Situation” (LOST, get it?) from their 2005 album Make Believe. And, wouldn’t you believe it, the fat guy can sing. He’s pretty good. Interestingly enough, this happened on the even of the six-year anniversary of Oceanic Flight 815’s historic flight from Sydney to L.A.

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source: geekosystem

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