New Details On Batman: Arkham City


Like any sequel happening in this generation of video games, it seems that Batman: Arkham City is going to have some sort of multiplayer action. From the recent issue of the Official Playstation Magazine UK, director Senton Hill hinted (a not-so-subtle one) that Catwoman is a playable co-op character and like how Batman has his zip line to get around the city, she has her whip to help her do that.

Other details that were revealed was that there will be a vehicle that players can drive and there will be more side missions that players are not force to do but is probably there for achievements/trophies reasons. Also, they have added a few things to the combat system to help you beat down more enemies that shows up on screen (at the moment, they have a demo that had 40 of Two-Face’s goons show up at once).

Does any of this news excite you for the upcoming sequel that is set to release on fall of 2011? Does the news of a co-op character wants you to play the game some more or does this bother you since Batman usually works alone? Tell us what you by leaving a comment.


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