This Week in Comics: Wednesday 9/22/2010


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hey fellow bastards! OK, the big comic news this week, besides Marvel and DC moving their headquarters, is….(wait for it)… WILDSTORM is Cancelled!!!

According to a few websites, it appears that DC has decided to cancel the Wildstorm line. The final issues will be published in December.

The licensed books will continue to be published under DC’s banner.

What is the future of the Wildstorm universe? Where will be the Authority, Wildcats, Gen13 and the rest of the characters that someone must care about? (Personally, the only ones I cared for were Sleeper and Welcome To Tranquility).

According to DC Comics: “In this soft marketplace, these characters need a break to regroup and redefine what made them once unique and cutting edge. While these will be the final issues published under the WildStorm imprint, it will not be the last we will see of many of these heroes. We, along with Geoff Johns, have a lot of exciting plans for these amazing characters, so stay tuned.”

So with Jim Lee’s place at DC, he clearly could have saved Wildstorm from getting the axe. That leads me to believe that the characters will return and there will be another Wildstorm relaunch.

Moving on to what’s out this week- New Releases

Shipping This Week: 9/22/2010

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MAR100146                 60TH ANNIV CLASSIC PEANUTS STATUE #1 CHARLIE BROWN              $49.99: This actually looks cool.

APR100082                 BUFFY WILLOW XANDER 11 OZ MUG    $12.99: I always hated Xander.

MAY100027                CHRONICLES OF KULL TP VOL 03 SCREAMS IN DARK           $18.99

MAR100145                 CLASSIC UNCLE SCROOGE STATUE VOL 02 #1 KLONDIKE   $49.95

APR100045                 DAVE MCKEAN CAGES TP (RES)               $29.99


JUL100143                  BATMAN STREETS OF GOTHAM #16       $3.99: I don’t know how I feel about this book. I need to decide what to do with it.

JUL100218                  BILLY BATSON AND THE MAGIC OF SHAZAM #20                   $2.99

JUN100150                 FLASH #5 (BRIGHTEST DAY) $2.99: I love the Flash in all incarnations.

JUL100239                  FRINGE TALES FROM THE FRINGE #4 (OF 6)         $3.99

JUL100135                  G I COMBAT #1          $3.99

JUL100229                  GARRISON #6 (OF 6)                   $2.99

JUL100116                   GREEN LANTERN CORPS #52 (BRIGHTEST DAY)  $2.99

JUN100206                 JSA BLACK ADAM AND ISIS TP                  $14.99

JUL100124                  JUSTICE LEAGUE GENERATION LOST #10 (BRIGHTEST DAY)                $2.99

JUL100126                  JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #49 (BRIGHTEST DAY)         $3.99

JUL100165                  LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #5                 $3.99: Fun book. I love the Legion.

JUN100249                 MODERN WARFARE 2 GHOST TP             $17.99

JUL100183                  POWER GIRL #16     $2.99

JUL100174                  SPIRIT #6                     $3.99

JUL100160                  SUPERGIRL #56        $2.99: I don’t care how bad this book is, I always read it.

JUL100161                   SUPERMAN BATMAN #76        $2.99

JUL100236                  TELARA CHRONICLES #1 (OF 4)               $3.99

JUL100131                   TITANS #27 (BRIGHTEST DAY)                  $2.99

JUL100227                  WILDCATS #27          $2.99

JUN100243                 WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 YEAR ONE TP $24.99

JUN100215                  WORLDS GREATEST SUPER HEROES TP                  $29.99


JUL100337                  5 DAYS TO DIE #4 (OF 5)           $3.99

JUL100298                  GI JOE ORIGINS #19                   $3.99

JUN100360                 KILLING THE COBRA CHINATOWN TROLLOP #4 $3.99

JUL100350                  MGM DRIVE IN THEATER #3 IT TERROR FROM BEYOND STARS          $3.99

JUL100314                  SPIKE THE DEVIL YOU KNOW #4            $3.99

JUL100329                  STAR TREK BURDEN OF KNOWLEDGE #4               $3.99

JUL100291                  TRANSFORMERS DRIFT #2 (OF 4)            $3.99


JUL108158                  ARTIFACTS #1 (OF 13) 3RD PTG (PP #935)                 $3.99

MAR092426                DAWN TP VOL 03 THREE TIERS               $16.99

JUL100440                  DYNAMO 5 SINS OF THE FATHER #4 (OF 5)            $3.99

MAR100426                ELEPHANTMEN #27                  $3.50

JUL100399                  IMAGE FIRSTS I KILL GIANTS #1               $1.00

MAY100456                 MICE TEMPLAR HC VOL 02 .2 DESTINY PT 2           $29.99

JUL100485                  PILOT SEASON 39 MINUTES #1                 $3.99

JUL100392                  SKULLKICKERS #1  $2.99

JAN100492                  TRACKER #5 (OF 5) $3.99

APR100495                  VELOCITY #2 (OF 4)                    $3.99

MAR100465                WITCHBLADE #138                    $2.99: Really? 138 issues? I can’t believe they still publish this.


MAY100525                 ASTONISHING X-MEN XENOGENESIS #3 (OF 5)   $3.99: The art just looks awful. I can’t even read it because of it.

JUL108103                  AVENGERS #3 2ND PTG ROMITA VAR (PP #934)    $3.99

JUL100543                  AVENGERS #5           $3.99: BENDIS!

JUL100549                  AVENGERS ACADEMY #4         $2.99

APR100661                  AVENGERS UNDER SIEGE PREM HC      $29.99

APR100662                  AVENGERS UNDER SIEGE PREM HC DM VAR ED 51                $29.99

JUL100559                  BLACK WIDOW #6  $2.99

JUL100700                 CAPTAIN AMERICA REBORN TP               $19.99

JUL100701                  CAPTAIN AMERICA REBORN TP DM VAR ED QUESADA CVR                   $19.99

MAR100626                CIVIL WAR AVENGERS HC      $39.99

JUL100510                  DARK TOWER GUNSLINGER JOURNEY BEGINS #5 (OF 5)    $3.99

JUL100712                  DEADPOOL & CABLE ULTIMATE COLLECTION TP BOOK 03                    $39.99

JUL100523                  DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #889    $2.99

JUL100577                  FANTASTIC FOUR #583 THREE                 $2.99

JUL100670                  GIRL COMICS HC     $19.99

JUL100586                  HEROIC AGE ONE MONTH TO LIVE #4 (OF 5)        $2.99

JUL100580                 HIT-MONKEY #3 (OF 3)            $2.99: I LOVE HIT-MONKEY!

JUL100592                  HULK #25                    $3.99

JUL100686                  IRON MAN NOIR PREM HC     $19.99


JUL100613                  MARVEL SUPER SPECIAL #1  $9.99

JUL108105                  MARVEL UNIVERSE VS PUNISHER #1 (OF 4) 2ND PTG PARLOV VAR   $3.99

JUL100694                  MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN TP                $19.99: Please, no more.

JUL100666                  MMW FANTASTIC FOUR TP VOL 04        $24.99

JUL100667                  MMW FANTASTIC FOUR TP VOL 04 DM VAR ED 21                  $24.99

JUL100714                  NAM TP VOL 02        $29.99: I’m interested in reading this series sometime.

JUL108102                  NEW AVENGERS #2 2ND PTG IMMONEN VAR (PP #934)        $3.99

JUL100702                  NEW AVENGERS LUKE CAGE TP TOWN WITHOUT PITY       $14.99

JUL100546                  SECRET AVENGERS #5              $3.99: I love this book.

JUL100517                  SENSE & SENSIBILITY #5 (OF 5)                $3.99: I love Jane Austen.

JUL100571                  SHADOWLAND DAUGHTERS OF SHADOW #2 (OF 3) SL        $3.99

JUL100574                  SHADOWLAND MOON KNIGHT #2 (OF 3) SL          $3.99

JUL108137                  SHADOWLAND POWER MAN #1 (OF 4) 2ND PTG ASRAR VAR (PP #935)                  $3.99

JUL100603                  SPIDER-MAN #6       $2.99

JUL100715                  SUPREME POWER TP POWERS & PRINCIPALITIES NEW PTG                 $19.99

JUL100614                  THOR #615                  $3.99: Thor is so wonderful. If you aren’t reading it, you are missing out.

JUL108106                  THOR MIGHTY AVENGER DOUBLE RAINBOW (PP #934)      $3.99

JUL100526                  ULTIMATE COMICS MYSTERY #3 (OF 4)                    $3.99 Double Bendis!

JUL100527                  ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #14    $3.99: Triple Bendis!

JUL100641                  UNCANNY X-MEN #528            $3.99: Still awesome.

JUL100681                  WOLVERINE RECKONING PREM HC      $24.99

JUL100519                  X-CAMPUS #4 (OF 4)                   $4.99: This looks bad.

JUL108104                  X-FORCE SEX AND VIOLENCE #2 (OF 3) 2ND PTG DELL OTTO VAR     $3.99



JUN101097                  2000 AD PACK AUG 2010          $18.00

JUN100993                 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #623 PLANET COMICON JUSKO VAR                 $14.99

JUL100779                  ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST #212                 $3.99

MAY101155                  ART OF NEAL ADAMS HC        $39.95

MAY101154                  ART OF NEAL ADAMS HC PX DLX SGN SLIPCASED ED           $59.95

JUL101208                  BAMBOO BLADE TP VOL 06   $10.99

JUL100855                  BART SIMPSONS TREEHOUSE OF HORROR #16   $4.99

APR101069                  BEETLE BAILEY HC DAILIES & SUNDAYS 1965-1966                $19.95

JUN101162                  BOKURANO OURS GN VOL 02                    $12.99

JUN101062                  BROADCAST GN       $13.99

JUL101209                  BUNNY DROP GN VOL 02         $12.99

MAY100768                CASPER & THE SPECTRALS #3 (OF 3) (RES)             $2.99

JUL100884                 DARKWING DUCK #4                 $3.99

MAY101001                 DF RED SONJA #51 LISNER VIRGIN CVR                   $14.99

JUL100958                  DIANA GABALDON OUTLANDER GN VOL 01 EXILE                $25.00

JUN100838                 DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP #15 (OF 24)     $3.99

JUL100867                  DRACULA COMPANY OF MONSTERS #2                    $3.99

JUL101293                   EARL & MOOCH MUTTS TREASURY TP $16.99

JUL100887                 FINDING NEMO LOSING DORY #3           $2.99

JUN101000                 FIRE WATER BILL EVERETT BIRTH OF MARVEL HC              $39.99

MAR100949                FOUR COLOR FEAR FORGOTTEN HORROR COMICS OF THE 1950S TP                    $29.99: I’d love to read this

JUL101217                   GABBY & GATOR YR GN            $16.99

APR100799                  GEARZ GN                   $17.99

JUL100742                  GOLD DIGGER ANNUAL #16   $4.50

JUL100743                  GOLD DIGGER SWIMSUIT SPECIAL #20                    $4.50

MAY100769                 HATTER M THE LOOKING GLASS WARS HC VOL 03                $24.99: I love the art

JAN101132                   HOUSE OF FIVE LEAVES TP VOL 01       $12.99

JUN100985                 JOHN STANLEY LIBRARY TUBBY HC VOL 01          $29.95

JUL100783                  JUGHEAD #203        $2.99

JUN100942                 KATO ORIGINS WAY O/T NINJA #4         $3.99

JUL101211                   KOBATO GN VOL 03                   $11.99

JUL101212                   LAON GN VOL 03     $10.99

JUL100892                  MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS #300            $3.99

JUL100893                  MICKEY MOUSE & FRIENDS #300 DLX ED               $6.99

JUN100773                 MINDFIELD #3 CVR A ALEX KONAT       $2.99

JUN100774                 MINDFIELD #3 CVR B PHIL NOTO           $2.99

JUL101050                  MORAV HISTORY OF ROBOTIC WARFARE GN       $17.95

JUL100895                  MUPPET SHOW #10                    $2.99

JUL101213                   ONE FINE DAY TP VOL 03       $10.99

JUL100931                  PATRICIA BRIGGS MERCY THOMPSON MOON CALLED #1   $3.99

JUN100958                 PRINCE OF PERSIA #3 (OF 4) $3.99

APR100885                 PROJECT SUPERPOWERS CHAPTER TWO #12       $2.99

JUL101161                   ROB HANES ADVENTURES TP VOL 00  $15.99

JUL100732                  ROYAL HISTORIAN OF OZ #2 $2.95

JUN101189                  SHAKUGAN NO SHANA TP VOL 06          $9.99

JUN101067                  SMURFS GN VOL 01 THE PURPLE SMURF                $5.99

JUN101068                 SMURFS GN VOL 02 THE MAGIC FLUTE                    $5.99

JUL100787                  SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #217                    $2.99

AUG101079                 SOUNDS OF YOUR NAME GN (O/A)         $20.00

JUN101143                  STREET FIGHTER LEGENDS IBUKI #4 (OF 4) A CVR DOGAN                    $3.95

JUN101144                  STREET FIGHTER LEGENDS IBUKI #4 (OF 4) B CVR CHEN   $3.95

JUL101214                   TENA ON S STRING GN VOL 04                  $10.99

JUL100878                 UNKNOWN TP VOL 01               $9.99

JUL100731                  UNLIKELY TRIO LAST BARN ON THE LEFT ONE-SHOT         $3.95

JUL101215                   WITH THE LIGHT RAISING AUTISTIC CHILD GN VOL 07       $14.99

JUL101016                   ZIPPY GN DING DONG DADDY                   $19.99: I hate this book.

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