Iron Man 2: How It Should Have Started


This is fucking great! This opening scene reads like a typical start to a day for any college frat guy.  How many times have you been over the toilet after a long night of drinking?  In fact, that’s kind of what I feel like doing right now (I’ve really got to lay off the cocktails when I write).   What is so wonderful about this scene (and why it should have actually been the opening) is that it strikes a chord with people.  It get them to tap into their human emotions.  We find Stark relatable because even though he is the good guy he is flawed, much like the average human.  Besides feeling so close to Stark in his”mother of all hangovers”, this opening is ridiculously funny and a fantastic way to engage the audience right form the start.  what do you guys think of our wonderfully witty (even while hung over) Tony Stark?  Check out this pre-CGI video to help make up your minds.

Source: ComicsAlliance

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