When you were a kid did anyone buy you one of those kiddie wood-burning kits (soldering iron with shitty pieces wood to etch on)? If so, fuck you. I never got one. To quote my father: “The little retard will burn his dick off”. While, he may have been right I wanted to burn boobies and various shapes and stick figure drawings like the rest of em’. I’m still bitter about it. Anyway, wood-burning kits often resulted in sloppy signature art (hey look, I can burn my name into wood. Aren’t I cool?) and that was about it. Well, you’d be surprised with what can be done with wood burning these days. Take nerd artist Daniel Croiser for example. This motherfucker can burn full illustrations into sheets of wood. Case in point, his superhero wood art featuring Ghost Rider , Doctor Strange, Batman, Hellboy and other characters. They’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This shits bad ass. Here’s a guy that can actually make Doctor Strange look cool.

Croiser has worked on comics, including Bluewater’s “Bartholomew of the Scissors” with writer Chad Helder and “Distortions Unlimited” with inker Peter Palmiotti. But etches comic art onto wood for fun. Check out his deviantART account for his full collection. He even etches onto steel, leather and other media.


source: comicsalliance

Ghost Rider


Doctor Strange


Swamp Thing

Batman (mixed media)

Iron Man

Too Much Coffee Man and Drinky Crow



Cassie Hack

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