Terri Hatcher Playing Lois Lane’s Mother

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Anyone that watched the 90’s ABC series “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman” know who Terri Hatcher is by now (Hint: played Lois). With this being the final season of “Smallville” it’s only fitting that she be brought back into the fray as a member of the red and blue blur’s cast. She’s not going to be playing good old plucky Lois Lane however, that been covered by Erica Durrance (hot). If Terri’s not playing Lois then who will she be? Hold onto your capes folks cause she’s playing: LOIS LANE’S MOTHER!

WTF!!! how can this be? Lois Lane’s mother is dead, but the CW has that covered. Teri Hatcher will be taking part in episode 8 of “Smallville”, entitled “Abandoned”. It remains to be seen whether or not Hatcher will have contact with the present-day cast as Lois’s mother (spoiler alert) is seen on tapes discovered by Lois Lane.

Sure, Terri and Erica have a 13 year difference between them but they could each still play Lois in each incarnation. It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out in the final season of “Smallville” this friday on the CW in the United States and on Space channel in Canada. Stay tuned for the Man of Steel.

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