So, what’s up with the Superman reboot? For you nerds that live under rocks, there are indeed plans to restart the Superman franchise. Warner Bros. considered Bryan Singers Superman Returns a failure and wants to try again. It’s something that’s actually been in development for a while now, but getting a project moving has been a challenge. Next to Batman, Superman is DC’s flagship character and with the bar that The Dark Knight raised there has been real pressure to replicate that success with their poster boy. Aside from that, Superman is also a tough character to make a movie out of (that isn’t a Richard Donner copy cat). Superman quite frankly really isn’t that interesting. It almost goes without saying, but if your hero cannot possibly be killed in any instance which does not somehow involve an incredibly rare space-rock, then you’ve got one boring-ass hero. I’ll save my “why superman sucks” rant for another day. Anyway, Warner Bros. has found hope in two writers. Batman Begins and Dark Knight co-writer David Goyer, as well as Christopher Nolan’s Brother Jonathan Nolan are working on the script. Good news right? Well, it gets better. Being that Chris Nolan’s Batman movie made billions of dollars Warner Bros. brought him on as a producer and overseer on the project. That basically means that he is lending some input on the script, casting and director.

Now, apparently moving forward with his godfather duties, Christopher Nolan has reportedly got 5 directors in mind for the reboot.

Deadline reports:

But I can tell you now that Superman producers Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas are getting closer to resuscitating the Man of Steel. I’m told they have begun meeting with a short list of directors for the job of directing Superman, the picture which will be financed by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures. On the list: Unstoppable‘s Tony Scott, Let Me In director Matt Reeves, Battle: Los Angeles helmer Jonathan Liebesman (who just got the Warner Bros/Legendary job of directing Clash of the Titans 2), Duncan Jones, who just directed Source Code, and Sucker Punch helmer Zack Snyder.

Hmmm, interesting choices indeed. Duncan Jones, Zach Snyder, and Matt Reeves are fine choices. Jonathan Liebesman and Tony Scott on the other hand? That puts a sour look on my face. Quickly commenting on the probability of these choices. Zack Snyder has mentioned that he doesn’t want the job, because he wouldn’t know what to do with Supe. Duncan Jones is finishing up his next movie Source Code, but slate is clean. However, he doesn’t see the type to take on a big studio project like this. Matt Reeves is open and is unconventional enough to bring something fresh to the table. Jonathan Liebesman is tied up with Clash of the Titans 2 and good god do I hope he stays tied up.

Whoever Nolan picks, he’ll submit his choice to Warner Bros. within the next few weeks. A judge ruled a while back that the studio has to get this movie made by 2012, or risk losing the movie rights to Superman.

What do you think of these 5 choices? Please share your comments below!

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