So, just like that damn catchy Katy Perry song, Andrew Garfield feels just like he’s living “a teenage dream”.  Recently, he spoke with British publication The Telegraph to talk about how his role as the new Spider Man came to fruition.  He says,

“I think Mark Webb and the production team had seen a movie I had done and also an audition I had done for another film and I was told they were considering me.”

Okay, the guy is lanky and geeky looking but, there’s much more there than what meets the judgmental eye about this guy playing our beloved web-slinging hero.  Garfield really seems to understand the character and relate to it on such a personal level.  He tells The Telegraph,

My dad explained what it meant and explained what Spider-Man stood for, and how he was just a teenager and skinny and small and goes through the same problems as all teenagers but he is stronger inside than he looks on the outside.”

Garfield further notes, “That became really important to me and it’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life. Spider-Man has all the elements I can relate to.” This complex understanding of the character will hopefully allow Garfield to portray the character in a whole new light.  So do you guys think this guy really gets Peter Parker or is he just spouting out a whole lot of bullshit?


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