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In last weeks’ episode of the TV show Batman: Brave and the Bold, entitled “The Mask of Matches Malone” the sexy ladies of the crime-fighting group The Birds of Prey found themselves in a heap of trouble on a stage in front of an amnesiac Batman. What is a girl crime-fighting team to do?

So, they did the only thing one could do: Sing.

And not some little ditty making fun of a popular Broadway song. No, they decided to spill all sorts of dirty little secrets from the bedroom about their male counterparts. Some of the stuff, in light of the Elmo vs. Katy Perry controversy, seems pretty racy for a kid’s show. I mean, poor Aquaman and Flash! I’m sure they deserved it, but OUCH.

Watch the video below for some delightfully nasty and sexual innuendo-filled comments from The Birds of Prey about male superheroes in the DC universe.

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