In news that only comic-book fans will appreciate, it has been announced that former Marvel Editor-in-chief Bob Harras has been named EIC and VP of DC comics, as announced by DC Co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio (the source). Harras is best known among comics fans as the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel comics from 1995 to 2000, and has been working at DC Comics most recently as a Group Editor in Collected Editions. Harris will oversee editorial for DC Comics, DC Universe, MAD Magazine and Vertigo Comics, and will be based out of the New York City office of DC Comics.

Lee and DiDio both commented on The Source:

“Bob Harras’ personal and creative integrity is respected and renowned throughout the comic book industry,” said Jim Lee, DC Comics Co-Publisher. “As an editor, he provides invaluable insight into storytelling and character.”

“We could not be more excited to make this announcement,” said Dan DiDio, DC Comics Co-Publisher. “Bob is a tremendous evaluator of talent, character and story. He is a proven leader who brings a keen understanding of the marketplace to the position.”

Ya know, I’d say Harras’s defect to DC would make him a traitor, and liable to be hanged by his scrotum or at-least forced to watch the last 3 “Twilight” movies in succession, but here’s a gay (oops, meant “guy”, but I’m gonna leave it cause I don’t think I’m wrong) that was responsible for Marvel comics in the 90’s (uh, not a good time in comics. Style over Substance). DC, congratulations your are now failing with style! Marvel, you may now proceed with total victory.

OK, I admit it. I’m a Marvel loyalist. I’m acting like a friggin prick, because it’s in our nature (smug bastards, we are). True be told, this is pretty good news for DC. They recently, went through some shit after closing their “Wildstorm” division and dropped 80+ employees in their move to their new home office in L.A. They need something to facilitate that the changes at DC are for the better, and Bob Harras just might be that cure. While, he does have his hands in some of the worst comic runs in Marvel history (Spider-Man clone saga for one) he can also be remembered for being responsible for bringing some amazing stories, characters, titles, artists and writers to the table.

What is your reaction to this move from DC? Please tell us your thoughts below.

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