Found: One Dalek, Doctor Still Missing


The Dalek, the unstoppable killing machine and Doctor Who’s greatest enemy, you can now add deactivated to it’s repertoire of skills. Thanks to students at West Exe Learning Center in St. Thomas, England, a long lost Dalek was found inside their school (studying perhaps). Manager of the building, Sue Wiley, has not wanted it restored and instead hastily notified police. In response to why she decided not to restore the Doctor Who replica Ms. Wiley replied:

“We’d like to return him to his owner if possible because he’s taking up quite a lot of room and is living in a cupboard at the moment.”

Living a cupboard at the moment, stick this piece of british nerd history at your front gate for everyone to see. As returning it to the owner, hasn’t this biddy ever heard of the finder’s keeper’s rule. The police stated that there has been no reports of missing or stolen Dalek in the area(they self-destruct of course).

“He’s a little bit damaged here and there, but he’s still got to be worth hundreds” Sue Wiley also included.

If you or anyone you know is missing a Dalek or your’s just so happened to float away from home, contact the St. Thomas police department. Just don’t give any information to the whereabouts of a blue police box, you might get your call transferred to Torchwood.

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