History: As Told By Frank Miller


I have a confession to make, I hate history! History is 1. Boring 2. You can’t be there to experience it because it’s already happened 3. Is not always 100% true. Really, though I feel history is learning definitions, names, dates places.. etc, and not really learning about it. History is full of good stories, but the education system batters it up and makes it as uninteresting as possible.

Now, how would history become more interesting to the less interested like myself? Well, let comic legend Frank Miller tell it. Throw in some slutty-ness, disproportionate muscles, blood, guts and we got ourselves a history lesson. That’s how.

And, wouldn’t you know it, some cartoon artist thought the exact same thing. Caldwell Tanner imagined historical events and figures as though they had been illustrated by comic book artist Frank Miller.

Martin Luther, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, and more retold in the style of Frank Miller’s Sin City.

It’s cool artwork, and I give Caldwell a tip of the hat for making history look appetizing. Just one question though. Why the fuck is Rosa Parks white?

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source: colleghumor

Written with Conor McKeon

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