The Google Chromecast is a funky device with a lot of advanced utilities and is a must have for all the entertainment buffs willing to get their regular entertainment dose at a cheaper price. The prices of the smart TVs have been rising making it more and more difficult for people to afford it. But they cannot afford to miss out on the features of Smart TVs and Google Chromecast Extension Download makes this a lot easier. The Google Chromecast helps the users to stream the channels from the existing subscription plans of the users on the big screen. The Google Chromecast provides the users with an unmatched streaming experience by providing them with a lot of advanced features.

Advantages of getting a Google Chromecast:

The following are the advantages of using a Google Chromecast dongle:

  • All the services are accessible by the users by paying a decent price. The Google Chromecast is available at a much lower price when compared to the smart TVs. This provides the users with streaming services on the conventional TVs at a cheap price.
  • The advanced search feature on the Google Chromecast helps the users to wisely select their subscription plans. The content search results are displayed from the existing subscription plans of the user. Hence if a user wishes to add to his subscriptions to enjoy some specific content, the Google Chromecast prevents the users from making unnecessary subscriptions. Hence it can be used to save some more bucks as well.
  • The device has an advanced playback option. This feature can be used to predict the future predictions of the playlist item of the user. This is generally done by analysing the previous searches made by the user. The predicted videos are buffered in background and this helps the users to save some time. Hence, this device is a great investment for all those who get easily irritated by the video buffering.
  • The Google Chromecast enable easy access by the friends and the relatives of the user without much hassle. Most of streaming services provide complicated access to the additional users, but Chromecast has the best guest feature for the purpose.
  • The device comes in a funky appearance in form of two colours viz. Coral and lemonade. The hanging dongle from the HDMI port of the television looks cool.

Disadvantages of google chromecast:

The following are some of the disadvantages of using a Google Chromecast dongle:

  • While most of the competitors in the segment have great gaming facilities for the users, Google Chromecast still lags in the segment. It needs to seriously modify its gaming section which would enhance the usability of the users to a great extent.
  • The Google Chromecast does not have any content of its own. Hence it is a must for the users to have subscriptions in streaming channels in prior to using the Google Chromecast.


The Google Chromecast dongle connects to the HDMI port of the television sets and to the same network as the device used for controlling the device. The Google Chromecast is one of the best devices that can be used to get the streaming services on the big screen.

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