For those of who loved the sassy girl with the thick as hell Boston accent you must have been devastated when Eliza Dushku’s character Faith never got a show of her own.  There’s so much to the character that could have evolved and been explored and with a built in fan base it ultimately should have been successful, right? So why didn’t the spinoff ever happen?  Well, Dushku recently tells us why she decided not to do it.  Now folk don’t go trying to drive a stake through the poor chicks heart just yet.  She has some good reasoning….I think.  Here’s what she had to say,

After I finished the show, I’d withdrawn from school and followed up with a couple of films like Bring It On, but I’d had such an awesome experience working with Joss I was ready to go down that road again. So I met with Joss and Tim Minear and spoke about the potential for a Faith spin-off. But Buffy had just gone on seven years and Joss was really straightforward: he couldn’t play the kind of day-to-day role he had on Buffy—he had his family.

I love Tim Minear, I trust him wholeheartedly and it wasn’t that I felt without Joss it wasn’t right, but it was a contributing factor. On top of it, I had just played this character for almost five years, it felt like time to explore a different role. So I ended up making a decision that, though looking back I don’t regret, in hindsight maybe the talks could have continued a bit longer.

It’s a question I’ve been asked a gazillion times: ‘Why’d you do Tru Calling and not the Faith spin-off?’ Thing is, even Joss was part of helping me make that decision. He said: ‘I think you have to follow your gut, which is trying something different, and we’ll stay friends so this isn’t goodbye, this is until next time.'”

So guys, is it too late to resurrect this badass Slayer or is there still a chance for her to kick some ass??


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