11 minute Green Arrow Movie from DC Showcase

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The latest release from DC Showcase was released on DVD/Blu-Ray this week, and is entitled Batman/Superman: Apocalypse, and should be another animation slam-dunk for DC. While Marvel seems to be dominating the big screen, no one can match DC‘s animated ventures. On the movie discs, DC also likes to include little mini-movies about some lesser known (as well as some big named) superheroes.

The latest of which focuses on Green Arrow, a Robin Hood-esque bowman (with no real super powers) who is known for his witty banter and relationship with the superhero Black Canary. The complete 11 minute movie where he battles bad guys in an airport to save a little girl, located below, is definitely worth a look.

Would you want to see a movie all about Green Arrow? If it’s anything like this … absolutely!

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