batmanphonebelt-tb(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Ever wondered if Batman carried a cell phone in his utility belt with him? The answer is yes and you can have one too, for the price of 150 dollars. Sure it looks like a piece from a halloween costume but this is an actual Batman belt you can wear. The Batman TDK Utility Pouch comes in three adjustable sizes and three adjustable belt buckles. With added piece of nerd flare like  adjustable pouches, chrome studs and a heavy-duty velcro closure. The pouches are large enough to carry your cell phone in or that batarang you made. Created from gold colored cowhide leather the belt looks comfortable to wear, if your brave enough to anyway.

This is the same company that created a Dark Knight Motorcycle suit If your a big enough fan of the Batman series and are will to spend the bones, it’s a sale. How long till the world sees a Robin utility belt though.

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