Emma Thompson to Be Badass Head Agent in MIB 3D!


“Here come the Men In Black”… in 3D??  Sources report that Emma Thompson (I Am Legend, Harry Potter) will be starring as the role of “Oh”, head agent in Men In Black 3D.  Thompson will be joining Will Smith as well as Tommy Lee Jones, who reprise their roles as Agents Jay and Kay.  Also starring in the film will be Jermaine Clement and Josh Brolin.  There will be a time travel element that will move action between the present and 1969; Brolin will be playing the young Jones’s character of Agent Kay.

The news of Thompson joining the cast is pretty freakin’ exciting.  She’s a great English actress with a ton of whit which will bode well for her in this role and be a lot of fun to watch!  There’s no underestimating this woman’s talent with numerous Oscars, there’s no doubt she’ll rock this role!

Back to direct the flick will be director Barry Sonnenfeld, who did the original two.  Clearly, there is no one better to take command of this project.  This guys’ concepts are OUTSTANDING.  He also has won an Emmy for Pushing Daisies.

So with a great cast and a badass director can this fill succeed?  Are you guys feeling that 9’s nostalgia all over again or are our days of “gettin’ jiggy wit” Will Smith over?


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