Deadine Hollywood (who seem to be getting all the exclusives lately or they’re making up shit) reports that the search for the role of Peter Parker’s love interest, Mary Jane Watson, in Marc Webb‘s Spider-man reboot is over. Who will play Spider-man’s red headed woman? Who will spout the words “Go Get Em’ Tiger”? Well, apparently Emma Stone. Heh, a red head to play a red head? Well, that makes sense.


“Sony Pictures Entertainment will imminently offer the role of Mary Jane Watson to Emma Stone, who starred for the studio in Zombieland and Easy A. It’s another good role for Stone, who is currently shooting the Tate Taylor-directed adaptation of the Kathryn Stockett bestseller The Help for DreamWorks. She plays Skeeter, the college student who comes home determined to expose the class differences between the matriarchs and their house servants in the South in 1962.”

Sigh, I hate it when quotes are so elusive and uninformative. Nothing to back up the claim. But, they’re probably right. Stone is the only real choice to play the character. Beautiful, sassy and tough! Come on, she was born to play the role. It’s just a wonder now if she’ll accept it. Time will tell.

Now, should she take the role that leaves Mia Wasikowska, Dianna Agron, Georgina Haig, and Dominique McElligott as the four women standing in contention for Spider-man’s other leading lady Gwen Stacy, who was Peter Parker’s first love. Any of the four would do fine with the role, and if Mary Jane Watson is being cast now, we can likely expect to hear a decision about Gwen Stacy very soon. Be sure to check back for more as this story develops.

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