DEXTER (Season 5)

Oh Dexter, the more thing’s change, the more they stay the same.

This was a very interesting episode for this season of Dexter, as it moves from the heavy emotion of the last episode, and gets back to what we know and love: Dexter being on the hunt and pursuing someone, while trying to juggle his friends and family.

For a change, the relationship between Dexter with Astor and Cody (and to a lesser extent Harrison) was at the forefront of this episode, as they were all living in Deb’s apartment, trying to work things out and move on from Rita’s untimely death. But, while it would be interesting for the kids to live with Dexter, this episode was all about getting the kids out of the picture (at least for now).

I was never a big fan of the kids in Dexter’s life, but he did begin to genuinely care for them as the season’s went on. The potential was there this season for some very interesting complications for Dexter, simultaneously trying to satiate his dark passenger’s needs while attempting to raise his kids properly. But, the writer’s decided to take them out for now, and I can understand that. I don’t see Astor being gone for too long, as there needs to be some sort of resolution between her and Dexter, as some harsh things were said in this episode between her and Dexter.

The intriguing thing about this episode, was just how much Dexter Morgan relies on his “dark passenger” to keep his life in order. The search for a killer keeps him focused, he said, and that, “The better killer I am, the better father I will be.” But, with the kids gone at the end of the episode, is the darkness going to consume his entire life from now on? Will his life come apart at the seams due to his obsession with the hunt, capture and murder of his victims? We will have to wait and see!

Dexter’s latest obsession is Boyd Fowler, a roadkill clean-up worker that may have more than just a few dead animal skeletons in his closet. Trying to determine if Fowler was worthy of his unique brand of justice consumed most of Dexter’s time in this episode, and the scene with Dexter ‘planting’ a dead raccoon to lure Fowler was genius. And the line “He’s CSI-ing me,” was a nice little pop culture nod to the audience that also suggested that Fowler may not be the dumb killer we’ve thought. And, the eventual reveal that he killed blondes and stuck them into oil drums in a swamp was a nice way to engage the audience in his latest obsession. But, based on the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like all does not go according to plan.

We got a little bit more development in the Deb and Quinn romance, in that she finally got out of her denial and admitted that they had sex. Meanwhile, Quinn may be on Dexter’s trail as Kyle Butler, but if you remember season two’s Doakes, I’d be very careful getting to close to the truth if I was him. And lastly, LaGuerta and Batista are fighting about money like all married couples do, and they are quickly starting to annoy me.

I must mention my favorite part of the episode, other than when Masuka decapitated a human analog in the blood room, which was brilliant. I really enjoyed the little moment when Dexter told his son Harrison a fairy tale in the back of a moving truck that Fowler used to kill a woman. That was a a nice little heartwarming moment (well, as heartwarming as a show about a serial killer can be).

I give this episode eight blood-stain slides out of 10 for moving the plot of the season ahead significantly more than last week’s episode, and showing us that with Dexter, re-establishing his status quo may be harder than he thought.

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