Sneak Peek at ‘Iron Man’ Anime


Ready to see Marvel in a new light? The upcoming “Iron Man” anime series comes to U.S. channels next year, but it’s already airing in Japan now. Io9 has the intro and outro, as well as the scoop on the full first episode.

From Io9’s write-up, it sounds like Tony Stark will be battling some hulking Zodiac monster machines. But are they random astrological mecha-demons, or are they actually part of the second Zodiac? Being Marvel, my money’s of course on option two, but who knows?

Io9 also says that in Marvel’s first foray into anime, Tony Stark skews more toward Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal from the films instead of a straight-up take from the comics. As a RDJ fan (and not just because he’s hot in that smarmy way), I’m perfectly cool with this.

What do you think? Disappointed by this news, or stoked for the series?

Source: Io9

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