“I’m going to Jersey Shore Bitch”, those words echo through your head as the opening credits come up for Jersey Shore the video game?  That’s right, the gel haired, tanning bed using, club hopping folks from Jersey now have a video game to add to their resumes.  Ok, well not quite, but the folks at College Humor have given us a vision of what it would be like if a Jersey Shore video game would actually came to fruition. Everything is spot on, from the lingo “Ronnie want smush”, to the actually plot of the game which involves the crew filling their hot tub with skanks.  In order to do this they will use a combination of everything from hair gel to vodka and even Snookie’s favorite, pickles!  While this thing is hilarious, how sweet would it be to battle the cast Mortal Combat Style..The Situation…”Get over here!”

Source: CollegeHumor

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