Da F*ck? Tetris: le film


We here at Nerd Bastards like to occasionally inform our readers about pressing issues as kind of a public service. The following video is part of that public service.

Everyone’s favorite block-stacking puzzler makes its big-screen debut in Tetris : le Film.

In proving that the French are just as wacky as Asians Tetris: le film is kinda like the movie Run Lola Run except better. Any film that has blocks that fall from the sky aiming to kill a seemingly innocent white girl is nothing but pure win!

The french speak in this video is very (very) annoying, so beware! Unless, of course you like hearing what sounds like hardcore, blow-job, torture pr0n, then I guess this is for you. For the rest of you, turn the volume down and just watch what is otherwise a fantastic, high-quality, well produced fan film.

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