And We’re Back!


As you may have noticed Nerdbastards was down and out all for the last week and a half. Where the hell were we? What the hell happened? Well, some shit happened, that’s for sure. We basically got booted from our server for eating up too much bandwidth. No warning from them mind you. They just kicked us to the curb and said “fuck off and good luck” (paraphrasing, of course). Switching to a new server become another nightmare. Shit wouldn’t upload, there were directory breaks and a number of other problematic things. Once we did get things uploaded there was another problem regarding our database. Not all of it came thru in the transfer. Which is why some of you saw nothing but old post for the last few days. This, of course was finally resolved.

To make a long story short WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY BACK!

We’re so very sorry for the time a way. We know we’ve lost some of you because of this little hiccup, but for you loyal bastards out there we promise to rape your face as hard ever!

NOTE: Because so much news and other various nerdy bits happened in the past week we not be able to make up for it. Unfortunately this past week will just have to be a void for us.  So, starting today we be covering things as normal. 10-12 new post a day from here on in.

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