Sonic Fan Remix Better Than Sonic 4?


It’s confession time. Sonic the Hedgehog was my first. Sonic took my home console virginity when my dad came home one day with the Genesis/Sonic 1 bundle (you know, that big ass rectangular Genesis) and the rest is history. While Sonic was a huge hit on the 2D sphere, his transition to 3D hasn’t been all that glorious. With every release since the Dreamcast days, it seems that most Sonic fans can’t be satisfied at all with the new games.

Recently, SEGA released Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, which takes Sonic back to its roots and have some good old Sonic vs. Dr. Robotnik (or Eggman for you new gen fans)  in some 2.5D action. While it does have moments where I’ll have the biggest smile on my face, it also have moments where you start shouting at the TV and throw your controller. It’s as if I was making out with my girlfriend and out of no where, she decides to knee me in the balls… yeah, that’s how most 3D Sonic games has made me feel.

Well it seems that two fans, Mercury and Pelican13, were tired of waiting for Sega to make another good Sonic game that they decided to make their own with the Unity3D engine. The fan made project, Sonic Fan Remix, just released a demo of the first stage in which many old school Sonic fans will recognize. The demo consists of three acts of Emerald Hill Zone and folks, it looks beautiful. The Sonic model actually looks like a 2.5D model of the original and they decided to not add that homing attack ability that Sonic 4 added (I’m not a fan of that ability).

You can check the fan made project out by watching video of the demo posted below or by downloading and playing the demo yourself. Is this the Sonic game you’ve been waiting for or do you think this will have some sort of negative like most Sonic games? Tell us what y’all think by leaving a comment.

Source: Kotaku, Demo Download page

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