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Do you Like Money? Do you Like Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s ‘The Walking Dead’? Well AMC will pay you to spread the word on this Halloween’s upcoming Zombie series. By registering as part ‘Spread The Dead’ campaign you’ll recieve a special url. You can than use that url to spam anything you want: TwitterFacebook, even Myspace (Tom needs more Zombies anyway), any site you wanna “Spread The Dead” to. The top 15 spammers, I mean users, will win a cash prize, with first place getting $5,000 and other prizes. There’s just one downside to this, you have to live in the United States.

You could just get someone’s US address but they’ll just get all the credit for your hard work. This is gonna be a week filled with ‘The Walking Dead’ all over the undead interweb.

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