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A while back, Telltale Games gave the world a glimpse of it’s upcoming new game, ‘Back To The Future: The Game’. Thanks to GameTrailers a few behind-the-scenes video were put out showing the progress of the game so far. Everyone’s favorite duo will be back for a brand new adventure, well, almost. Marty McFly a.k.a. Micheal J. Fox was able to lend his likeness to the developers but was unable to lend his voice. That’s like buying the DeLorean and not going 88 m.p.h. Never fear, Telltale has found their voice for Marty McFly and he’s a spot on double (Just close your eyes and listen (or just watch this clip).

Sounds dead on huh? Sure, He doesn’t look a thing like Fox but he can pull off the classic “DOC!” without even trying. Telltale Games did a fantasic job hiring young A.J. LoCascio, he even fooled Christopher Lloyd and that had to be tough. The staff needs to give themselves a pat on the back for this one, it’s gonna be a fantastic game.

Along with releasing footage of their new Marty, Telltale showed off some of the backstory-along with some of it’s work-in-progress animation of the Doc speaking to Marty paired up with Lloyd recording in studio.


Sure the lip work is off, but hopefully it’s all synced up by the Time ‘Back To The Future: The Game’ comes out. As long as this game isn’t powered by 1.21 gigawatts it’ll be a smash.

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