Good googly moogly, that is a huge worm! Vat19, the fine folks that brought us the world’s largest gummy bear (which weighs in at 5 lbs.), has made another impact in the gummy world by making the world’s largest gummy worm.

As seen above, the 4,000 calorie-filled  gummy worm weighs in at 3 lbs. It’s 26″ long, has a 5″ girth and is the equivalent to 126 “puny” size gummy worm. Each worm comes in dual flavors and hell, it even has a face that way you know if your eating the head or the ass. Each worm will cost you $27.95 (before shipping).

Check the video out to see how massive the gummy worm really is and tell us if you think you can eat one on one sitting.

Source: GeeksAreSexy, Vat19

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