DEXTER (Season 5)

Dexter, even with all its brilliant characters and storylines, still has its ups and downs. While this story moved along all the major plot points, I found it all a little lacking.

The main plot in this episode regarded Dexter trying (and failing) to convince Lumen to go home. In doing so, we learned that she is having serious problems getting over what happened to her. Granted, I certainly don’t blame her – but Dexter was insisting she move past it a little too much. Which is like the pot calling the kettle black, as he still hasn’t moved past his psychological trauma, so it is odd to see him trying to prevent someone from becoming like him. But, it does show that Dexter does care for Lumen, becasue he doesn’t want her to embrace her dark side like he has his, so this could set up some very interesting storylines between the two.

That is still a far distance away, as we saw the depths of Lumen’s obsession in her hotel room – A murder wall geared towards finding those who harmed her.

As it ends up, both she (and Dexter) were pursuing a man named Robert Brunner, a known accomplice of Boyd Fowler’s.

Luckily, it was discovered by Dexter that Brunner was innocent and could not have harmed Lumen, just in the nick of time (as they both attempted to kill him). This shocked Lumen enough to send her back home, that is, until an unusually thorough pat-down examination at the airport freaked her out and convinced her to stay in Miami.

The Santa Muerta case got additional bodies added to its official body count, but thanks to some helpful advice from Matsuka (who, amazingly, has a GIANT dragon tattoo on his back) Deb was able to find a lead on the killers based off a stamp on the potential killer’s hand. Meanwhile, Quinn is still on unpaid leave, and has a rather large stick up his arse about Dexter being involved in the Trinity killings. So, he made a deal with a bad cop to follow Dexter around – which ended up so well for Doakes, right?

Lastly, we got some closure with the Batista Internal Affairs case, as LaGuerta was helping them bust a bad cop (the same one Quinn hired). Of course, Batista thought she was sleeping with the IA agent, so all is still not well with their marriage.
Anyone else getting sick of their constant marital drama?

The episode was good, but not the finest of the season. I’ll give the episode seven blood-stain slides out of ten for moving the chess pieces along on the board to something big going down in the future, but leaving me wanting more for this “set-up” episode.

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