If the X-Men Invaded Public School

Cyslopse PS

Imagine how much better public school would have been if you had super powers to to help you make your way through it.  Well wonder no more!  Dorkly has given us a string of comic images of what it would be like for the X-Men mutants to go through the public school system.  They are endearing and really made me nostalgic for those public school days.  The one that really stood out and made me chuckle a little was when Storm creates a snow day in August just and the school year begins.  I cannot count how many times I would have wanted to do that! Ah, if life was so simple.  Check out the images after the jump!

Source: Dorkly

Cyslopse PS

Storm PS

Womverine PS

Juggernaut PS

Rogee PS

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