Jen Lacen:Mystique

Coming off her role in the critically acclaimed Winter’s Bone, Jennifer Lawrence tells us a little about what her character Mystique will be like in the new X–Men First Class (due out June 3 , 2011).

Only 10% of her screen time will be as Mystique, she said. It takes X-Men: First Class makeup artists about six hours to transform her into Mystique with the blue skins and the scales, she added. (She has a nickname for the process or the makeup or whatever — “Mystink.”)

Now, the small amount of Mystique  screen time could be because of the make-up hassle but another issue could be Lawrence’s thought about the costume,

“I thought, ‘No clothes!'”

And as far as her relationship with Professor Charles Xavier, Lawrence was pretty damn cryptic saying,

“We’re best friends.”

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