Every time we get an inch, we want a mile but when it comes to news about Batman 3 we just can’t help ourselves!   As times passes the excitement grows even more.  After a long and much anticipated wait we finally got the news that Tom Hardy from Inception had m=been cast (possibly as the Riddler) and that was badass enough for not having any news about the project at all.  Now we get a tiny bit more news.  Supposedly Nolan has been meeting with actresses in their late twenties and early thirties.  I KNOW we’re all thinking it, could it be…Catwoman?!

Although nothing is confirmed and even the actresses auditioning do not know what role it is they are trying out for until they arrive at the meeting.  Hopefully more news will unfold soon.  If it is Catwoman that Nolan is casting for, who would you guys like to see cast in the role?

Source: Screenrant

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