Slasher Showdown Ranks 80’s Killers

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Sure, film slashers today use elaborate traps or transform into a beast to kill their victims, but what about the killers of old. As a child, did you ever hide under your covers after an evening of watching Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger rip victims limb from limb? Getting older, did you wonder which one is the king of the undead killers and which is just playing with their blade. As part of it’s Slasher Showdown, Yahoo ranked each killer by their number of kills and how many per movie (or lack thereof). This amazing infographic tots up the dead, coming up with a not so surprising result.

Nearly every killer scored a zero in one film or another and Freddy showed us that a burn victim with a glove is exactly that, a pussy. Jason and Michael scored double, and in Jason’s case, triple the kills that Freddy did. The moral here is if your killer comes at you in a sweater and fedora you stand a pretty good chance of making the sequel. Check it out below:

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