Superman: Earth One - Cover Art

(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

DC has retold the origin of Superman time and again, from him originally a villian bent on ruling Earth to Elseworlds ‘Red Sun’ Communist Superman. Well it looks like it’s that time of the decade again and J. Michael Stracyznski has taken hold of the Man of Steel’s origin and just assaulted it. Gone is the classic red and blue tights and replaced with a freaking hoodie. Best disguise ever!

Think about, “Who was that super powered man? Oh, just look for the guy who pulled down his hoodie.” Noone will ever know you foiled a robbery as a superhero and not a soul could tell the difference.

The graphic novel tells of the new tales of Clark, now know as nephew to Ma and Pa Kent (What the Hell!), now found [Spoiler] after his space pod crashed into a mountain. Also, it will not feature the Shining skull of Lex Luthor. Where’s the Ying to Superman’s Yang when you really need him for once? The story will play heavily on the death of old media, so will we see clark typing articles for ‘The Daily Planet’ on an Ipad and shyly avoiding a blogging Lois Lane?

Take a look at this new tale after the jump.

‘Superman: Earth one’ is on stands next Tuesday, but until you can buy your own here’s a nine-page preview of what you’ll be writing a angry letter DC for by next Wednesday.

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