Did You Know A ‘Mythbuster’ Used To Be C-3PO?


Discovery Channel‘s ‘Mythbusters‘ is one of the best and nerdiest shows on T.V., a personal favorite of mine. Week after week I, and many other science nerds get our kicks watching Adam, Jaime, Grant, Tori and Kari put myths, urban legends, old wives’ tales, and the like to the test. I’ve seen every episode, and know a lot about it’s colorful, charismatic cast, or at-least I thought I did. Every fan of the show knows that resident Asian, Grant Imahara got on the show because of his expertise in Robots, electronics and visual effects. His 9 year run with Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) didn’t hurt either. Speaking of that, there is a bit more to his history with ILM/Lucasfilm.

In a recent appearance at Sage College in Albany, NY, Imahara elicited gasps from the audience when he talked about the ten years he spent filling in as C-3PO at live Star Wars events and for TV appearances. As reported by the Albany Times-Union, Imahara suited up as the gold-skinned droid for commercials, theater openings, and on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show. The suit designed to fit Imahara also made a brief appearance in Episode One — apparently without the future MythBuster inside.

Wow, consider my mind blown! Seriously, just when ya think the guy is set for life signing Mythbuster autographs he goes and says something like this.

source: wired.com

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