Review: Tester Season 2 Episode 1


Guess who got early access to the first episode of season two of Sony’s reality show? That’s right, this guy did. The first episode is set to release later today with the Playstation Store update so I thought of giving this a review like I did with the first season. Which leads me to apologize for not giving a final review for the first season because to be honest, it didn’t really need one.

So why give this one a review you ask? Well, it has a larger cast of colorful characters in which I hope to find this seasons Barmy (the fella that was knowledgeable about parrots). Also, instead of Hal Sparks as the “celebrity guest,” we get the lovely Adrianne Curry to fill that position. So click after the jump (and expect some possible spoilers) to read what I thought about the first episode of the new season and see if maybe this is something you’re going to download tonight.

Just like last season, contestants will go through various of challenges in order to win a position as a video game tester with a $5,000 signing bonus. This time they will also throw in a Sony 3D TV and a PS3… in which I ask why since all these contestants probably already have one.

The episode starts of with the introduction of  “Big Fazeek,” the elder large man who apparently owns “everything” and acts like he knows everything as well. From there, we are slowly introduce to other folks such as “Samurai (who’s not Asian),” “War Princess” and “Mo Chocolate.” They took the time to introduce “8bit-mickey” because he won the internet vote to be part of the show.

Then we were introduce to “Max1M,” who properly portrayed the frat, alpha male stereotype who only pretty much plays two genres of game (which you can bet your ass that one of them is sports). This season, we also have a gay gamer that decided to go by the name of “Gaymer.” The other contestants are “Boo,” “Ches-ka,” “FantasyGirl,” “Scooter” and “Tripplethreat.”

The challenges that the contestants participate in takes the gamer out of their element and see if their gaming skills can be translated to real life. This being the first episode, it was more of a trivial game in the form of guess that picture. While I found it easy as I was able to guess pretty much on all of it, I guess some of the contestants were nervous due to being in the same room with Curry or with the God of War III director Stig Asmussen.

Now while I won’t reveal who was eliminated (they eliminated two people), I can easily say I was happy with one of the eliminations. Overall, the episode was okay and sadly, I didn’t get to find the Barmy of this season (Scooter is real close of being it). They did show a preview of next weeks episode in which it shows “Big Fazeek” getting into some arguments with the fellow female contestants, it does show that they will participate in a military drill team challenge (in which it interests me as I used to be in JROTC and have lead a drill team).

Final word? Like any first episode of anything, it’s a bit too early to judge how the season might be. While I did have moments of shaking my head, it wasn’t too bad. If you enjoyed the first season of Tester or want an excuse to look at Meredith Molinari again, then give the first episode a try. As for new folks who hasn’t seen the previous season, I say give it a few weeks that way you have at least three episodes or so to check out and see from there if you get interested in it. Will I be promising a final review this time for season 2, yes I am because I’m insane and will be doing this for you guys.

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