Batman May Add A Little ClayFace To The Mix

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Plenty of ladies are rumored to be a future love interests in the 3rd Batman movie Dark Knight Rises. No, she won’t be the Catwoman but Charlize Theron and a few other of Hollywood’s other leading ladies may become a love interest for Detective Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne. Thanks to Comic Book Movie, that got the original tip, ms. Theron was approached to play Detective Sarah Essen, former partner to Gordon and possibly the real mother of future Batgirl Barbara Gordon. Her character winds up having an affair with Gordon, after which she leaves Gotham for New York City.

Also actresses Kacie Thomas and Vera Farmiga have both auditioned for the role of Julie Madison, a possible Bruce Wayne love interest. Madison, socialite and actress in Gotham, was actually engaged to Bruce at some point or another (what?). Originally played by Elle Macpherson ‘Batman & Robin’, many of her scenes were sadly edited out of the film’s final cut. So what does Madison bring to this installment of the Batman saga? Well, she brings in what may be our next villian for the Dark knight: Clayface. Basil Karlo, B-list movie star and a guy jealous that he wasn’t given a chance to be in a remake he was originally in. So what’s a guy to do? Well karlo decides to kill everyone involved and that includes targeting Julie, bringing the wrath of Batman to the studio.

Only Nolan knows if this storyline would turn up in the next film, but with there being no Catwoman and no Riddler the Clayface-Julie Madison may very well be what we have to look forward to. Hopefully this won’t become a ‘Superman Returns’ type of movie, all sad and no ass kicking Batman.

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