AMC’s The Walking Dead, adapted from Robert Kirkman‘s stellar comic-book series premiered it’s first episode on Halloween night. While, from a rating perspective it was AMC’s highest viewed series premiere, pulling in more that 8.3 million viewers, there are a billion or so people who missed out. Honestly, what the hell were these people doing? Why would anyone miss, skip, or purposely not watch what is being herald as television best reviewed series? Is it the zombies? Is it the horror? Not your cup of tea? Well, I’d like to tell you that The Walking Dead is impressively cinematic and dramatic. A well acted, well directed show piece that examines the human condition.  What it means to live in world void of commerce and frivolous necessity. What it means to live, while living in a world run by the dead. It’s emotional. It’s somber. It’s terrifying. Don’t let me convince you. Watch the show and let it speak for itself. What’s that? You missed the first Episode and now you feel you can’t commit to the rest of the season? Ha, that’s a poor excuse. Especially when AMC is streaming the entire first episode of The Walking Dead for free. To make it even more accessible,  they’ve made it embeddable, so you can watch right here at home at Nerdbastards.com


This is the only time that any episode will be on AMCTV.com.  So take it all in while you still can.

If getting to watch The Walking Dead pilot whenever you want isn’t enough, AMC is still running its Spread the Dead contest, whereby you can win $5,000 and other prizes for telling more people about the series, assuming there remains anyone who’s not yet heard about the hit show.

For the latest on The Walking Dead, check out the show’s official Twitter and Facebook pages.

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