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With shows like ‘Ben 10’ and ‘ Generation Rex’, the guys of Man of Action Studios will be be the supervising producers for the first season of  Marvel’s ‘Ultimate Spider-man’. These adventures of a young Peter Parker won’t be around till 2012 on Disney XD, which means it’s gonns be a PG show. So much for hear Venom say they’ll “kill Spider-man”. Thanks to an email interview with the LA Times Hero Complex, we all get a special sneak peek at what the wall crawler may be showing the young viewers.

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What will the new series be like?

” …the show, will be unlike any iteration of the property that has existed before.  We’ve got a specific mandate to make this show, in a word, unique.  So that’s what we’re doing … and we’re doing it in ways you’d never imagine.  We’re going places that no Spider-Man cartoon — or probably any superhero cartoon — has ever gone before.”
Will this be a new origin story?
“…everyone pretty much knows Spider-Man’s origin by now, so it’s not exactly a priority to start at square one. It’s a fundamental aspect of the character and it will be addressed, but the way in which it’s addressed within the show is just one of many surprises that we’ve got in store.”
What will the fans, without giving anything away, have to look forward too?
“…Needless to say, we’re psyched about the overall approach we’re taking and the fact that we’re going to do something different from anything that’s been done before.  No one will be able to see this coming…”
There you have it true believers, an insight into the minds of Man Of Action Studios and their take on the Spider-man mythos. They’ve done some pretty outstanding work with their previous cartoon shows but we’re going to have to wait and see what they decide to do with the Marvel comics superhero.
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