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We, well most of us, have tryed playing through Super Mario Bros. and we’ve all tried playing through on a speed run. Going level to level, as fast as you can, without dying and not everyone makes it out alive. Those that have, like gamer Andrew Gardikis, have some pretty sweet bragging rights. One thing that separates him from us, Andrew did it in five minutes flat. Now imagine having to repeat that feat while Shigeru Miyamoto, the man who gave birth to the plumbers a quarter century ago, watched. Not so easy now is it?

The two men were at the Nintendo World Store today, as part of a celebration at the Manhattan Nintendo World store, for the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. The store was packed with tons of Mario fans, it’s a shame though, not one princess. Miyamoto watched on as Andrew tried his hardest to repeat his five minute bounce fest.
So close yet so far, sorry Andrew. Maybe next time he should taken the extra second and grab a star. At least Miyamoto told him to “break a leg”.
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