Jeremy Renner to Make one Stealthy Snake


It seems like nowadays everyone wants a piece of Jeremy Renner.  Joss Whedon has him playing Hawkeye in the up coming Avengers film, Ben Affleck just had him in The Town and now it’s rumored that he might be playing the part of a war hero turned criminal Snake Plissken, in that remake of a 1981 flick, Escape from L.A. If everything pans out Renner will be reviving a role made famous by Kurt Russel.  The orignal film was directed by legendary John Carpenter however, Breck Eisner (The Crazies) will be taking over the reigns for the remake.

The plot of the remake revolves around Air Force One crashing on the island of Manhattan and Renner having a shot at redemption by rescuing the President from the island that is now shut off from the rest of society and is now running rampant with criminals.  Now this definitely sounds like a cheesy 80’s action film, like Rambo or Sudden Death, the one where Jean Claude Van Damme has to rescue a bunch of unassuming spectators from death and destruction at a hockey arena.

Personally, I’m not super stoked abut this idea; However, The Crazies was really well received so maybe Eisner knows what he’s doing and Jeremy Renner is pretty badass and could definitely go toe to toe with Russel.  So how do you guys feel about this remake?  Would you go see it??

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